The Cottage

Arts Cottage – 10 Dangar Road

The Brooklyn Community Association (BCA) approached Council with a proposal to occupy the vacant commercial property at 10 Dangar Road following several years of it being untenanted. The goal of the project is to create an active and vibrant corridor joining the Pub to the Marina. The Dangar Road Precinct provides the “public face” of Brooklyn as they are some of the first buildings viewed when arriving at the town centre.

Council recently completed a renovation of the heritage building, installed an art hanging system, interior and exterior painting, removal of asbestos and the installation of a kitchenette. The BCA celebrated the beginning of their twelve month activation of the heritage property with a market and art exhibition.

The Cottage is a place to view art, learn about the history and the local area. It is a place for the community to connect, learn through workshops and learning opportunities.