The Brooklyn Community Association (BCA) is a volunteer association of Brooklyn residents and business owners who have and continue to work hard over the past two decades to seek improvements to

  • Infrastructure (including sewerage system, board walk, shared footpath and lift at station)
  • Local facilities (including improvements to Upper and Lower McKell Park, pool and barbeque facilities),
  • Local environment in and around at Salt Pan, Parsley Bay and river and bush care locally,
  • Arts and culture at the cottage.
  • Seek opportunities to improve the well-being of all in the community.

The BCA encourages all of our residents and business owners to participate in our meetings and events. Our website is updated with current happenings and events, along with listing historical information so you can learn about this beautiful village. The BCA meets 2- 4 times a year and invites key note speakers from Council, community groups and area specialists to provide analysis of the issues and stimulate discussions.



  • working with Dangar Island, Mooney Mooney and Milson’s Passage community associations and Hornsby Council
  • running community workshops to address parking requirements in Brooklyn seeking residents’ requirements and potential solutions including specific allowance for residents, businesses, train travellers and river residents
  • production and circulation of the Gateway newsletter which reports on current negotiations with Council , upcoming and local events
  • regular meetings with local and State Members to express the community views

Join us and keep the community in Brooklyn. Annual membership is $10 per family and membership is open to all Brooklyn residents and business owners.

Volunteering is at the heart of what our community does, offering intellect & labor, kicking the ball along knowing that with all our efforts we will eventually reaches our goal.