Brooklyn Place Plan

Work is currently underway on the Brooklyn Place Plan. Collaborating with stakeholders, the Plan is a practical, community led action orientated document with a clear goal to maximize and improve functionality and appeal of the Brooklyn town centre. Check in for updates and opportunities to help inform this plan and get involved.


Car Parking Survey

The common theme arising from community conversations and feedback held to date, is that parking in and around the Brooklyn town centre remains one of the biggest issues of concern. There is consensus that it is appropriate to measure the extent of the parking issue in Brooklyn through a comprehensive assessment.

Following this community feedback, Council has undertaken a comprehensive review of the past 20 years of transport planning studies and reports related to Brooklyn and shares the community’s view that we do not have a recent measure of the extent of the parking issue in Brooklyn to base any future solutions on.

Council commenced work on a Car Parking Management Study last year and a car parking survey is being undertaken in Brooklyn, to help inform this broader study. Please note, Council is currently undertaking an Integrated Land Use and Transport Study (ILUTS), which incorporates all modes of transportation. It is anticipated that these studies will be progressed further during 2020.


Arts Cottage – 10 Dangar Road

The Brooklyn Community Association (BCA) approached Council with a proposal to occupy the vacant commercial property at 10 Dangar Road following several years of it being untenanted. The goal of the project is to create an active and vibrant corridor joining the Pub to the Marina. The Dangar Road Precinct provides the “public face” of Brooklyn as they are some of the first buildings viewed when arriving at the town centre.

Council recently completed a renovation of the heritage building, installed an art hanging system, interior and exterior painting, removal of asbestos and the installation of a kitchenette. The BCA celebrated the beginning of their twelve month activation of the heritage property with a market and art exhibition.


Future Hornsby

More broadly, Council has articulated a long term vision for land use in the Shire through the development of the Local Strategic Planning Statement. To inform this direction, Council is in the process of finalising a number of key strategic documents that will shape this vision. Once adopted by Council these strategies will also inform many of the “big picture” issues associated with Brooklyn. To keep up to date with these strategies as they are developed and adopted go to Future Hornsby.