About BCA

The Brooklyn Community Association is an organization of people living in Brooklyn and business owners in Brooklyn.  The BCA aims to:
  1. To hold regular meetings to allow community views on issues to be heard and discussed.
  2. To represent the majority view of the members to our Council and to influence external bodies that are involved in our community.
  3. Keep the community up to date about relevant issues that are  ongoing.
  4. Encourage community participation through different means such as  meetings and events, enabling voices to be heard.
  5. Support our local business and promote them
Read our full constitution here.


Brooklyn Community Association was set up in the 1990s as the Brooklyn Ratepayers Association by locals to raise awareness of local issues and give residents a voice in the decision-making processes regarding our town. The BCA  aims to convey  community needs and  opinions to local council and  state government to improve the amenity of Brooklyn for its residents and businesses.

Past achievements:

  • success in lobbying State Government with Council to achieve the construction of a world class sewerage treatment system in Brooklyn and investigation of pump-out irregularities in Brooklyn
  • lobbied State Rail on behalf of rail travellers for improved access to the railway station
  • generating cooperative business and tourist opportunities such as the “Easter Bunny Steam Train” stopover
  • funded the Brooklyn Directory in 2012, a booklet listing services provided to and by residents and businesses in and around Brooklyn.
  • lobbied to prevent Sydney Water from increasing the pollutant discharge into the Hawkesbury in lieu of upgrading waste filtration
  • promoted the creation of the Brooklyn Meeting Room in the Community Health Centre, the only public space available for community use in Brooklyn
  • lobbied for the continued retention and community use of Baden Powell Hall