Effects on Brooklyn from the Proposed Peat Island Development

Planning Proposal – September 2021

A Planning Proposal has been prepared by Property & Development NSW for surplus Government owned land at Peat Island and Mooney Mooney (the site).

The Planning Proposal seeks to facilitate the future redevelopment of the site, for a mix of residential, community, tourism and employment generating land uses. An Indicative Concept Plan has been developed for the site to demonstrate the likely development that could occur if the Planning Proposal was gazetted. The Concept Plan responds to the surrounding context, including the prevailing zoning of adjoining land and environmental and physical site constraints.

Hornsby Council states: Concern is raised that the Proposal would defer the responsibility of providing community services, such as health and childcare, to Brooklyn and the Hornsby Shire more broadly. Brooklyn is geographically constrained and has limited space to provide these services. The increased population in Mooney Mooney and Peat Island would have significant implications effect on the services available in the Hornsby Shire.

The Planning Proposal includes 268 new dwellings and would allow for and incoming population of 536 people.

This page provides information to assist Brooklyn and Lower Hawkesbury residents to understand the scope of the Proposal, the impacts on Brooklyn, and to make submissions to Central Cost Council. Documents are attached to summarise the Proposal, documents prepared by the BCA to identify impacts on Brooklyn, and documents prepared by Hornsby Council.


Indicative Concept Map Proposed Zoning Changes
BCA : Brooklyn Impact on Environment & Sustainability BCA: Brooklyn Impact on Sewerage
BCA: Brooklyn Impact on Parking BCA: Brooklyn Impact on Traffic
BCA: Brooklyn Impact on Community Services Hornsby Council Proposed Submission 10 November 2021

The Planning Proposal and other relevant supporting documentation can be viewed and submissions made between 20 September and 20 December 2021 via Council’s website at www.yourvoiceourcoast.com/pipp

The community are invited to:

View the Draft Peat Island Planning Proposal (main document and technical documents)
Read the supporting documents including the FAQs available below
Have your say

Submissions are to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Farmer by 5pm 20 December 2021 via:

the online submission form (preferred)
email: ask@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au
post: PO Box 20, Wyong NSW 2259