Flag Design Competition


Cath and Steve Angier, the owners of Brooklyn’s original post office have gone to great lengths to restore their beautiful building and flagpole. It is without doubt a feature of our village. Being originally from Texas, Steve has suffered a little ambivalence between flying the flag of his birthplace and that of his home nation.              

“If only Brooklyn had its own flag, we’d proudly fly that.”

Local Brooklyn identities met one afternoon at the Anglers Rest agreed that a flag design competition for Brooklyn involving the local school, children and adults alike would provide a celebration of the unique identity of our village as well as a distinctive flag to fly on the many poles by its many vexillophiles.

Other river communities have flags. BROOKLYN NEEDS A FLAG !! 

Prize “Major Bragging Rights”and a small cash prize.

How to submit a design

    • Download the A4 landscape Template here
    • Entry should by formatted to fly horizontally.
    • Your flag design, together with entrant agreement, to be sealed in an envelope and delivered to

    Heritage Posting Box located on the verandah of Old Post Office at 13 Bridge St, Brooklyn

  •                 or
    • Entry can also be emailed to flag@brooklyncommunity.org.au
    • Entries close 5pm. 29th March 2024
  • Conditions of entry

    • Must be a Brooklyn Resident
    • Only one entry per entrant.
    • Entry should by formatted to fly horizontally.
    • Entry must include some reference to Brooklyn RFS ( eg color)

    Entrants acknowledge that all entries become the property of the Brooklyn Flag Design Committee to reuse, publish, print, distribute, modify and reproduce for public display the submitted design in whole or in part,composite, or retouched in character or form.

    Please see further conditions on the Entrant Agreement Form